Menu example

Suggestions for entrées

      Assortment of Moroccan salads                 plat2-resize

      Harira soup

      Assortment of briouates

Followed for example, by

      Lamb Tagine with prunes and almonds

      Berber beef Tagine with vegetables

      Fish Tagine with vegetables (dependent on market)

      Chicken Tagine with preserved lemons and olives

      Kofta Tagine with tomatoes and eggsPlat1

      Tanjia (beef shank) specialty of Marrakech

      Couscous Royal with lamb, chicken, sausage, onion confit

      and grapes

      (also served as an entrée)

Dishes with supplements

     Couscous with quail cinnamon and almonds: also called “SEFA”

     Quail tride or cockerel

     Authentic Méchoui lambPlat3-resize

To finish on a sweet note, our desserts

     Orange cinnamon

     Baked apples

     Pastilla with seasonal fruit

     Moroccan pastry (surcharge)

All our meals are made on the same day, depending on the market.

Menu price for entrée-main-dessert: 200 MAD / person (drinks not included).